A Hosted Reminder Service
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What is Zumau?

Zumau is a hosted appointment reminder service where you set up phone reminders for your appointments, events, and deadlines. Simply create an account to access everything you need--for only 10 cents per reminder call. It's an easy to use, account-based cloud service meant to lift the burden off of a busy schedule.

How I Made It

Zumau was a project I started in the aftermath of a friday afternoon meeting at a startup company I worked for. The startup's clients centered around medium to large businesses, but a few small fish still wanted to use their appointment reminder software. So I slapped together a website with PHP and integrated it with OsCommerce and phone calling software. Before passing it off to the rest of my team, I changed the tables in OsCommerce and bootstrapped the online store.

How It Works

When you create a reminder, you'll be prompted for the time and title of whatever event it is you want to remind yourself of. Then, you can customize the time to receive your reminder call, ranging from weeks before to the very start of the event. Reminder bundles can be purchased in the main store page for as little as 10 cents per reminder.


OsCommerce Customization and Integration
Rachel Wu

OsCommerce is an open source online store. It has been around to 10+ years and still maintains a large supportive community that updates plugins and fixes bugs. Using OsCommerce is a guarantee that time will be spent on customizing the appearance, administration options, and database tables. It may seem overwhelming at first, but once the code starts looking familiar, working with OsCommerce is a pleasant experience.

In addition to OsCommerce credit card checkout, the site also accepts Paypal.


Designed with the user in mind
Rachel Wu

For Zumau, I collaborated in a software team where we each had interweaving roles. While I wrote most of the backend code for Zumau, with email integration and database retrieval functionality, I contributed to making the web application SEO-friendly and designed about half the pages, such as the page featured on the left. Overall, designing was a team effort, the result of many late nights of researching the most user-friendly designs possible.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating Zumau and hope to improve it as time goes on.