A PHP + SQL Project
What it does

Visolver, an image-based Q&A platform, is an online classroom playground where you can create and learn anything you want. You can share your coding projects, physics simulations, handwritten notes, google docs, and images.

How I made it

I created this project in 24 hours over the weekend, using PHP and SQL to store pages in a database and Twitter Bootstrap, HTML/css/javascript for the appearance. I wanted the site to have a similar flow to Quizlet, and the accessibility of Yahoo Answers where anyone could post.

Why I made it

In a standard 20-student class in a public high school, all the work to create class materials and help struggling students is hoisted on one teacher. I believe that the 20 students are untapped resources--why not crowdsource the teacher's work to the students? Visolver provides everyone the ability to contribute to their classroom; and learn from not only their own but other classrooms from around the world.


Sometimes the textbook doesn't have the solutions for even-numbered problems. So you have to google it. What you end up finding is Yahoo Answer's, which might be alright if your question is "What is 10 + 17?". But the primary focus on text format of online Q&A forums makes it hard for someone to get an answer for, "Can someone explain how to perform matrix multiplication for 4x4 matrices?". This lack of image-based platforms was what got me thinking.

My Vision

I believe any student in any place in the world should have access to the same material provided by the best schools in the world. Though Visolver was a weekend project, it helped further my passion for creating web applications that help connect people in different aspects of their lives.


I made this image with photo editing software from screen captures I took from the website.