Gunn Programming Team

GPT is the programming club I ran during my high school. I started this club when I was 15 as a way to train for USACO (USA Computing Olympiad). We met after school each week in the computer lab of my high school, and hosted a few hackathons and coding days for middle schools and high schools in our region.

Being President

As president, I recruited members, executed fundraisers, and organized a close-knit group of club officers who united under one vision: that every student in our high school would have basic coding skills, and we would do everything we could to during our time as club officers to lead our community towards that future.

Java Coding

We programmed in Java, occasionally making physics simulations for teachers. Other times we discussed solutions to USACO problems. The website for this club arose only after the first year; partly because I learned Java, Python, and PHP before learning any web scripting languages.