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Positive Psychology

What is positive psychology? It is the psychology branch that focuses on areas like happiness and resilience. Rather than focus on mental illnesses and depression, positive psychology concentrates on "success" cases. Since I thoroughly enjoyed the course I took on positive psychology the semester before creating this project, I found myself eager to help.

What is EQ Schools?

EQ Schools was a positive psychology institution's website, which I was commissioned to do because the owner saw the GPT website. Looking at the website now, it is clear that there is room for improvement, but given the fact that this project took less than a week to finish, we both were content with the results.


I built the theme using the bootstrap framework. In total this site took me about 14 hours to learn Bootstrap, set up a website, create the theme from scratch, and create and edit photos for backgrounds. Interesting fact: I used many research findings that I had learned in my positive psychology class in creating the images for this website, including the orange bubbles (an svg I made to evince a happy aura, full of ebullience and liveliness).