Absolute Impact Partners

A Nonprofit
What it is

During winter break a few years ago, a classmate asked me if I could make a tiny website for his aunt and uncle, who were doing some great social work in Indonesia and Malaysia. Over coffee, I met his aunt and uncle and they told me their story. All I can say is that they were incredibly inspiring, to the point that I considered dropping out of high school to join their team.

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How I made it

Though this website was going to be only the third website I ever made, I wanted to do their nonprofit justice. I called up a few friends and we got together for the weekend. They designed the icons, graphics, and logo while I stitched their work and photos provided together into a fully functional website. I added a Wordpress blog, customized to match the website's look and feel. The website was completed in 6 hours.

Absolute Impact Partners Logo

Created by my talented friend Christine Chen