Staff Standard of Conduct

The goal of Camp Kearney is to show children God’s love by our communication and our actions.

Employees of Camp Kearney shall be Christians of high moral character, who subscribe to and practice the Statement of Faith. They will demonstrate by their actions and attitudes a conscientious walk with Jesus Christ.

Since it is our primary desire to present Jesus Christ to children, we do ask that a few guidelines be upheld:

  1. Clothing for both sexes will be modest. We do ask that ladies wear a one-piece bathing suit.
  2. No public displays of affection between unmarried individuals while children are present and with modesty during all other times.
  3. No one shall be in the cabin of someone of the opposite sex.
  4. Staff is not allowed to have weapons, tobacco, alcohol, or other questionable materials on the premises.
  5. Staff is not allowed to leave camp during the week without special permission from the Program Director.
  6. Non-counseling staff may have visitors during the week with permission from the Program Director. Counseling staff may have visitors during their weekend time off. All guests must abide by the rules and standards Camp Kearney has set while on camp property. Exceptions for this given by the Program Director.
  7. We encourage all staff to attend services at the church and denomination of their choice on Sunday mornings. At least one Sunday while on staff, you are encouraged to attend the services at the South Side Mission in Peoria.
  8. Curfew for everyone is 10:00 pm in camp with lights out at 11:00 pm.
  9. Lights out for Support Staff will be enforced and consequences are given if not followed during the camp week.

Camp Kearney provides program-related accidental health insurance to its staff only. Camp employees must have personal insurance coverage prior to being hired.

Information Available
If you wish to obtain additional information about the South Side Mission and/or Camp Kearney, please check out our website or call Camp Kearney at 309-389-5375.

By filling in your legal name and e-mail address you accept the terms of the South Side Mission’s Camp Kearney Staff Standard of Conduct.

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