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Rachel Wu
BS Computer Science 2019
C. Prescott Davis Scholar
Columbia University
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Public Speaking class, October 25th


Speaker at Annual Summit for Google Women Engineers

  • Speaker on ML | Google SVL | Life of a ML Dataset [July 11, 2018]: Selected from 60 applicants to deliver 15 min talk for 464 attendees from Google's North America offices. Researched new metrics and presented Google’s process for obtaining top-quality data for ML models

Speaker on AI at Google DevFest 2017

  • Speaker on AI | Google Headquarters | The Purple Lloyd Problem [December 16, 2017]: Delivered a 30 minute talk on bias in AI and hiring algorithms at Google HQ for 453 attendees, performed neural network experiments demonstrating bias in predictive image/video machine learning programs

Coding Projects

  1. AI-driven CRM integrated with Amazon Lex [2018]
  2. 30 hour project: ML news content engine for Ryze [2018]
  3. Distributed multi-threaded blockchain server in Java [2017]
  4. Analyzing sentiment and topic modeling with Naive Bayes NLP and gensim [2017]
  5. Predicting Height with Neural Networks & linear regression [2017]
  6. Artificial Intelligence 2048 Game Smart Solver ]2017]
  7. Artificial Intelligence Search: IDA*, A*, DFS, and BFS implementation and run-time analysis [2017]
  8. TCP/IP Networking: multi-threaded web server from scratch in C [2016]
  9. Commercial Conversation Robot: Vera AI [2017]

Front-end Web

  1. Seedapy [2017] - won grand prize at Columbia Solvathon
  2. AKA Link [2017] (Paid)
  3. Hireconscious [2017] (Paid)
  4. Rareforces [2017] (Paid)
  5. Smithrais [2017] (Paid)
  6. Illum Invest [2017] (Paid)
  7. Alpha Omicron Pi [2016]
  8. Los Altos Hills Council Candidate [2016] (Paid)
  9. Absolute Impact Partners [2014] (Paid)
  10. Gunn Programming Team [2012]
  11. EQSchools Positive Psychology [2013] (Paid)
  12. Potato Launcher Physics[2014]
  13. Atom Simulation Chemistry [2015]

9 years back-end development
8 years front-end development
Conducted independent research funded by Columbia
Final winning team in Columbia Business School incubator
1st place winner of LionHack 2015
1st place winner of Impact Solvathon 2017
Vice President of Lean In @ Columbia
McKinsey Women in Tech Finalist
Java, Python, PHP, SQL, C, C++, Scheme
AI Tools:
Scikit-learn, numpy, gensim, Tensorflow/Google Cloud, IBM Watson,
Web Languages / Tools:
HTML5, CSS3, JS, JQuery, D3, flotjs, ReactJS, WebGL
MVC frameworks:
PHP/Laravel, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS
Development Tools:
GitHub, SVN, LAMPP, AWS EC2, Amazon Lex, Azure Cognitive Cloud, Heroku, Filezilla, Anaconda
Linux command line (CentOS 6, Ubuntu), Windows
Master's level courses:
Artificial Intelligence
Database Systems Implementation
Algorithms and Complexity
Network Security
Large-Scale Distributed Systems
Undergraduate level courses:
Computer Science Theory
Advanced Programming
Discrete Math
Fundamentals of Computer Systems
Data Structures
Honors Intro to Computer Science